The Benefits of Viscose derived from Bamboo Clothing

The benefits of viscose derived from bamboo in fabric are endless. Here are some of our favorite fabric benefits.


The original bamboo sourced is...

Grown organically

No pesticides. No insecticides. No fertilizers. Ok, we're off to a good start...

Grown without artificial irrigation

Producing commercial harvests of bamboo requires only rainwater.  What's more, all water used in the production process is recycled and re-used.

Improving air quality

Bamboo plantations produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees, all while  absorbing more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.

Fast growing, regenerating

The fastest growing woody plant in the world, some species of bamboo shoot up as much as one meter a day!  New stems are able to be harvested again and again. Honestly, try to wrap your mind around that.


Breathable & moisture-wicking

The lightweight feel of Boody Eco Wear clothes make them extremely breathable.

UPF50+ Sun protection

All Boody Eco Wear garments are made from a UPF50+ rated fabric to protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) damage.  Layer up!

Silky soft

Light, luxuriously soft and gentle on the skin, viscose from bamboo is a dream to wear. 


Cozy in winter, cool in summer; Boody Eco Wear garments provide warmth without bulk.  Great for exercise in all conditions.


A neutral charge prevents static build-up, preventing static cling.