Our Story

Born in Sydney, Australia

Boody Eco Wear was born in Sydney, Australia as a challenge to design simple, comfortable and attractive apparel with sustainable materials.

We searched for years for the most comfortable underwear and base layers, but were unsatisfied with the negative environmental impact of other textiles such as cotton and polyester. Then, we discovered viscose made from bamboo and never looked back.


Abundant, Sustainable Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Our bamboo is grown in regenerating forests and requires far less water than traditional cotton. Our viscose made from bamboo is blended with a touch of nylon and spandex to create a fabric that is superbly soft, stretchy and wrinkle-free. Boody Eco Wear is not only thermoregulating and breathable, but is made with the environment in mind; the perfect fit for you and for the planet.


Peace of mind

Comfort is nothing without peace of mind.  That’s why we strive to produce thoughtful clothing that meets all of your needs whilst being high quality, durable and sustainable. All Boody Eco Wear garments are crafted adhering to the highest standards for both the planet and for our team.

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