#ClimateTogether Alliance

Chris Ondatje April 21, 2022
#ClimateTogether Alliance

By Heather Bien

Sustainability is our core mission and we’re on a journey to make this world a better place on Earth Day and every day. That’s why we’re joining with other sustainability-focused brands to fund immediate and impactful climate action to restore the planet’s ecosystems through the #ClimateTogether Alliance.

We all have the opportunity to leave the world better than we found it. And we can’t do it alone.

What is the #ClimateTogether Alliance?

We’re in great company with 22 like-minded brands working together to make an impact through the #ClimateTogether Alliance. There are clothing brands, water bottles, home goods, and more, all with a focus on honoring our Mother Earth through real, measurable action.

#ClimateTogether is cutting through the greenwashing to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects and Plastic Bank and put climate action into motion through restoring forests and removing ocean plastic. Last year, #ClimateTogether brands supported efforts to plant 15,000 trees in Madagascar and remove 150,000 plastic bottles from the ocean, and they reached 1,721,481 followers on social media, ready to make a difference.


Climate Together Brand Alliance

Here’s What Working Together Towards a Better World Looks Like

The brands and sustainability-minded companies working through #ClimateTogether understand that the environment has to come before thoughtless consumption, taking action is better than simply making noise, and collaboration will always get more done than competition.

We believe in transparency: we make sustainable products, and we make them with a better world in mind. We are changemakers who create innovative products for those who value conscious consumption and choose to spend their dollars with brands who hold the same fair, safe, and sustainable values close.

And this year we’re working to make #ClimateTogether even bigger. Here’s what we’ve got planned.

Restore the mangroves in Madagascar

This year, #ClimateTogether aims to plant 16,000 mangrove trees Madagascar with Eden Reforestation Projects. These trees offset five times more carbon than upland forest, help life local communities out of poverty through employment, and support the ecosystem in an island nation with over 200,000 species of plants and animals that exist only in Madagascar.

Remove plastic from the ocean with Plastic Banks

On your last beach trip, did you see plastic remnants floating by? Did you pick it up? Plastic Banks is doing just that. They’re removing ocean plastic and improving vital underwater ecosystems while also providing jobs for collectors across the Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, and the world.This year, they’re setting out to remove 130,000 plastic bottles from the ocean.

Are You Ready to Take Action?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re proud to stand with others who are making an impact in our world and our communities. And that includes you.

Plant 140 Trees

Remove 1800 Plastic Bottles

One small donation to make a difference.

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